Give Your Car a Little Extra Protection

System X certification in Gobles & Kalamazoo, MI

We understand that having the latest and greatest protection for your vehicle's clear coat isn't for your average daily driver, but if you're the type that wants the ultimate protection for your vehicles paint, then look no further than our accredited and certified system x ceramic coating team in Gobles & Kalamazoo, MI.

So, what is a ceramic coating you may be wondering? A ceramic coating in the most simplistic terms is like having an additional layer of clear coat applied to your vehicles existing clear coat. Ceramic coatings are made up of nanotechnology, i.e tiny particles that form a very fine, even layer that is invisible to the naked eye. Given the size of the particles, when properly applied to your vehicles surface, they seal all the pores making the surface extremely hydrophobic. Ceramic coatings also make your vehicle resistant to water marks, UV fading, clear coat scratches, toxic chemicals, harsh weather, and even road paint.

Given the hydrophobicity of your vehicles paint after proper application and curing of the ceramic coating, you wont ever have to worry about waxing, washing, or doing any manual labor to your exterior. Washing your car will be as easy as spraying it with a hose, and wiping with a clean micro-fiber towel. With the thickness of the ceramic coating, you won't have to worry about the swirling that occurs in most paints either!

When thinking about protection, don't think about months, but literal years instead. We currently offer 3- and 5-year protection packages.

Why you should add a ceramic coating to your vehicle:
  • Long lasting and durable shine, on both the rims and the paint
  • Our ceramic coatings get registered to your vehicles VIN adding resale value
  • You get the most protection from harsh Michigan weather, especially winters
  • You won't have to wax it again!
  • Both of our ceramic coating packages include a 3-step buffing prior to the application to ensure a factory like clear coat

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